AI changes everything, including fashion.

Increase conversions and revenue using the only search and discovery algorithm built specifically for fashion e-commerce retailers.

  • Built ground up for the fashion industry
  • AI Image analysis
  • Natural language processing algorithms
  • Micro personalization
The game has changed.
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Velou’s proprietary algorithm was built ground up specifically for fashion retailers and is the only solution that uses AI to compute consumer behavior, buying trends, image analysis, seasonality and much more to personalize the display order of products in your store, automatically and in real-time.

Forward thinking fashion retailers are already succeeding using Velou


76% Increase in
search usage


21% Increase in search
conversion and 44%
increase in revenue


Deployed in less than
2 days

Shoppers are all different. Why are they seeing items in the same order?

Shoppers are all different.
Why are they seeing items
in the same order?

Velou’s revolutionary algorithm understands how different customers prefer certain types of items and displays them first. Age, style, previous transactions — Velou’s artificial intelligence considers all of those and more to create a truly personalized shopping experience.

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More relevant than relevance.

More relevant
than relevance.

Of course no amount of personalization or ranking would make up for not showing the correct results. Velou’s search algorithm is powered by Natural Language Processing, image analysis, Machine Learning, and revolutionary Artificial Intelligence to learn both shopper queries and thousands of product attributes. That way you show exactly what the user wants, and none of what they don’t want.

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Top technology to increase your bottom line.

Top technology to
increase your
bottom line.

In a world where 3 out of 10 shoppers go to a competitor’s site because they can’t find what they’re looking for, Velou can show the right results to keep your shoppers shopping longer and spending more.

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Solving search and discovery for fashion e-commerce is hard.
Using Velou is easy.

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