Shoppers are all different. So why are they
seeing products in the same order?

The Velou solution delivers personalized
search results for shoppers by using a
3 step approach.

Increased Relevance

What products match the search

Optimized Ranking

What products should be shown first

Micro Personalization

What products match the individual shopper better

1. Increased Relevance

Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t find.

If you don’t show what they are looking for they will think you don’t have it. You just lost a sale, or worse still, a customer for life.

Unlike traditional solutions, we’ve built search and discovery algorithms ground-up specifically for fashion retailers. This is why our solution is 10 times more powerful for fashion retailers than any generic search and discovery solution.

How do we do it?

It’s a mix of leading edge technology and deep fashion expertise that make the Velou difference.

  • Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Advanced computer vision and AI algorithms that analyses product images
  • Deep fashion industry knowledge

Velou’s algorithms create thousands of new data points for each product which allows us to analyze them at a deeper level, thus creating relevance for each search query and each shopper.

2. Optimized Ranking

The order you display your products matters. A lot.

When you have hundreds of relevant products in your store, how do you determine which of those products should be displayed on the first search results page?

Most shoppers do not go past the first page when searching, so it’s important that you show the right products for each shopper.

Velou delivers the perfect sorted search results every time, to ensure shoppers add more to their baskets and convert more often.

How do we do it?

Velou’s proprietary ranking algorithm was built ground-up specifically for fashion retailers and is the only solution that uses AI to compute consumer behavior, buying trends, image analysis, seasonality and much more to personalize the display order of products in your store, automatically and in real-time.

  • Thousands of product features
  • Consumer behavior
  • Trends and seasonality
  • And many more factors

3. Micro Personalization

Shoppers are all different. Why are they seeing items in the same order?

Velou’s revolutionary algorithm understands how an individual shopper prefers certain types of products. We combine product data, shopper’s behavioral data and some of our own secret sauce to deliver a truly personalized shopping experience.

How do we do it?

Velou’s product analyzer determines underlying factors relating to shoppers’ behavior based on previous interactions with the retailer, onboarding information and determines what the user is interested in to make the experience magical for the every single shopper.

  • Thousands of product features
  • Shopper’s personal preferences
  • Shopper’s behavior
  • And many more factors

Solving search for online fashion is tough, but with Velou it’s easy.

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